Non-Erosive Gastritis

Non-Erosive Gastritis is a stomach condition that can affect individuals from all age groups. Know all about this discomforting disorder, including its causes, symptoms and treatment options.

What is Non-Erosive Gastritis?

It can refer to any form of chronic gastritis which does not result in deep penetration of gastric mucosa. It causes inflammation of the stomach without leading to an ulcer. The condition can affect various parts of the stomach such as the cardia, corpus and antrum.

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Gastritis in Dogs

Gastritis is a condition that causes mild to severe stomach inflammation as it damages the lining of the stomach. It is very common among dogs and may cause life-threatening symptoms. Find out the causes, symptoms, treatment options and all about of Gastritis in dogs.

What is Gastritis in Dogs?

Gastritis is counted among the most prevalent digestive disorders that affect domestic dogs. It can occur in both its chronic and acute form.

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Lymphocytic Gastritis

Lymphocytic Gastritis (LG) is a type of gastritis caused by some autoimmune factors. Read on to find out all about the definition, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options of the disorder.

Lymphocytic Gastritis Definition

It is a rare form of chronic gastritis that is mainly characterized by surface epithelium and lymphocytosis of foveolar. A peculiar benign lymphocyte infiltration into the surface mucosa and various glands can also be seen in the patients. Some case reports show that this condition can be cured by treating the Celiac Disease or Helicobacter infection in the stomach of patients. Continue reading Lymphocytic Gastritis